About Airport

Tabatinga Airport is only 2 km from downtown and is located in the border area of Brazil with Colombia and Peru, in the Alto Solimões region. One of the main access routes to the extreme west of Amazonas, it plays a strategic role for commercial and military activities. The Airport has domestic and international activities and a 2,150 m² runway.
Tabatinga is a sister city to Leticia in Colombia, with which it shares a border. Because it is located on the triple border, it is marked by several cultural influences. The city is in the middle of the Amazon Forest, on the left bank of the Solimões River, which is extremely important for the region's economy.

Airport Fees

The effective use of airport areas, buildings, premises, equipment, facilities and services by airplanes and their passengers is subject to the payment of prices calculated based on Airport Tariffs, whose values are periodically readjusted, according to indexes established by the Ministry of Defense or ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) through an ordinance.

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Service Quality

We present the performance results of the services offered to passengers monthly, measured through the Service Quality Indicators – IQS.